Moisés Jiménez (Known as El Dragon) began tattooing in 2010. Over the last 8 years his style has consistently grown and developed into what it is now. Black and gray scales and textures define his works; He normally creates large-scale tattoo pieces and tattoos free-hand. His main influences have been classical art, sculpture, the Ukiyo-e, Scythian art, and the work of other tattoo artists. Moisés has had many opportunities to travel internationally through tattooing and these travels have greatly influenced his growth as an artist. Moisés originally studied Architecture at UVM Queretaro. Other artists that Moisés sites as influences are Francisco Toledo, Filip Leu, Gakkin, Claudia De Sabe, Alix Ge, Valerie Vargas, Teodoro Mauricio, Duncan X, Liam Sparkes, Dr. Lakra and Vanya Priego.

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