Trevore Valensuela has been tattooing since 2012. Surrealism, pop surrealism, a mixture of lowbrow and traditional tattoo define his style. His works tend to focus on animals, creatures and children. He enjoys making traditional tattoos in either complete blackwork or a combination of dotwork, blackwork and block colour. Artists that have influenced Trevore are Mark Ryden, Travis Lampee, Victor Castillo, Lomancuba, El Chanok, Nacho Eterno, Kolahari, Cumotattoo, Horimitsu, Madam_tattoer, hablak, etc. Trevore initially trained in graphic design, originally studying at the National School of Plastic Arts in Mexico City.

Calle Soto 72b Guerrero, 06300

Ciudad de México, CDMX

Tel: 01 55 9688 7679

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