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Chanok is a Mexican tattoo artist living in Spain since '99. He began to tattoo professionally with only 18 years in Mexico City, until he decided to continue growing as an artist in Madrid where he has developed most of his career.


It is here where his relationship with illustration begins, collaborating, among others, with the artist Toño Camuñas in one of his works, in the emblematic bar of the "Vía Lactea".


This Mexican is not afraid of anything and practically no sector has been left to touch, such as fashion, collaborating with Levi's or designing the logo of the Ink Tv production company, creating the image of the Spanish beer "Apollo 12" from black storm, designing the image of the artisanal mezcal "Hummingbird" of European distribution, or the design of the different labels of the artisanal vermouth '' paloma '' from Copenhagen.


Currently his most used techniques to paint are with acrylics and inks, and digitally with his iPad Pro that accompanies him wherever he goes.

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