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Sol started professionally tattooing in March 2003 in California (however he started learning from 1999). He states his favorite style of tattooing is pre-hispanic design. Sol’s major influences are Mexican Antique iconography from 19TH and 20th century Mexican engravings and antique tattoos from all over the world. Other artists that have influenced Sol include Leo Zulueta, Jack Rudy, Freddy Negrete, Russo aka Naualli Ñu Savi, Antonio Mejia, Chuey Quintanar, Gordon Toi, Hanky Panky, Tony Salgado, Daniel Sawyer, Amsterdam Tattoo Molly, Dr Lakra, Keone Nunez, Davide di Stefano, Rob Benanides and many more. Sol states about his work “Lastly, I am not limited to Prehispanic, I do everything I can, I am constantly studying and learning”.   

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